About me

My name is Ernst. Even as a child I realized I was different than others. After having spent long years on self-searching/ self-discovery, I found my purpose on the Earth: to help everyone who needs help. The road to discovery of Myself and the laws of the Earth was very “rough”, this enabled me to understand what was experienced by everyone else searching for something and failing to find it, ailing and failing to recover, thinking and failing to understand.

Some people call themselves psychics, others refer to themselves as bioenergetics, mediums, or energy management masters, but none of these descriptions are accurate in terms of describing what I am. I have the gifts of psychic powers and clairvoyance, I also can control energy, communicate to the dead, etc. I am a mediator between the human being and the Highest Powers.


a human being is born on this Earth not to be sick, suffer, or be unhappy, with my work I hope to help as many people as possible to experience fullness and happiness/ joy of being.


using my abilities given to me by God to help people to get to know themselves and the spiritual world and live a meaningful and full-fledged life at the same time.


Being able to see the past and the future events in the present I can help finding answers to the questions one is concerned about, I can also help in making the best decision. This can be related to choosing a life partner, business, work, education, acquisition of property, or simply changing the place of residence. So if you have questions you find too difficult to answer, you can always contact me.

Restoration of energy balance

Every one of us is born as a perfectly tuned “unity”, but in the course of life and by making the wrong decisions we violate that “perfect first”, then a person gets sick, he becomes a victim of failures, a person looses happiness in life and fullness. Restoration of energy balance returns a person to the primary state of the perfectly tuned unity.

Determination of the cause of disease of the physical body

Determination of the cause of disease of the physical body (infertility, oncology diseases, etc.) – being able to see not only the past and the future events in the present but also the “lesions”/ diseases of the physical body of a human being in the energy level, I am able to determine the cause of any physical or spiritual malaise, elimination of this cause makes the malaise disappear.

Help in discovering your purpose on the Earth

Help in discovering your purpose on the Earth – when we are born, each of us “brings” certain information inherent in our souls, which determines what “way” is ahead of us in life and what purposes we have to reveal/ implement. By “forgetting”, not realizing this information, we wonder off the way intended for us in this way condemning ourselves to ailments of the soul and the physical body. During the consultation I “read” the information of the soul and in this way I help a person to realize what his purpose is and what the person should do in order to feel fullness and the joy of life and at the same time to get rid of all ailments of the soul and the physical body.

Energy cleaning of real estate and movable property

Energy cleaning of real estate and movable property – All material objects, just like subjects, have “energy memory”, this means that an item that has been in a highly negative environment gets imbued with that “negativity”, so when this object gets into neutral/ positive environment, it spreads negative information. This negative information might have a destructive effect both on objects and nearby subjects. So if a person, having moved to a new home or acquired a vehicle, cannot find peace, if he starts feeling bad physically or spiritually, we can safely claim that this was caused precisely by “energy memory”. I restore the primary energy of an object, i.e. Prana.

The power of the tea

All organisms have an energy frequency, including teas. Therefore, a person drinking a certain amount of a certain herbs, heals not only his/her own body, but also can help to balance the frequency of the energy body. Tea will heal our body and soul.

Explanation of concepts and terms

Prana is the universal beginning of energy that manifests itself in various forms, including a living force.

Pranayama is the control of prana, especially the one prana, which took the form of vital energy. Yogis claim that this control, if it is raised to a sufficiently high stage, enables a human being to rule over other expressions of prana in nature. This is the secret of power and authority.

Chakra (skr. चक्रं = cakraṃ ‘cycle, circle’) refers to a bioenergy centre, a parapsychological object in Hinduism spiritual practices. Subject to a variety of bioenergy teachings, the energy system of chakras consists of several to several dozens and even several hundred chakras. In some bioenergy knowledge systems charkas are identified with acupuncture points. Teachings about chakra systems are closely related to the spiritual teachings about energy bodies (kosha), auras, prana, chi, and other parapsychological teachings and religious systems. In general, chakras, as energy centres, have been mentioned in ancient sources already: in the Upanishads, the Puranas, the Tantra.

Thanks to the spiritual body a human being gets the supreme cosmic energy. Just as the body is an individual in the physical world, the soul is an individual in the spiritual world. A person’s soul reflects all his inclinations. It is the source of character and personality. A soul brings with it the karma from the past lives. The spiritual body is mostly related to our heart. Whereas feelings arise from this body, we often say that we “feel with our hearts”. It is a body of feelings, interests, tastes, values showing what we are. This body is very vulnerable, negative feelings can cause diseases. A person, who is aware of this body, can say “I am”, bearing in mind not ego, but his deepest spiritual nature. He can say that he got to know himself, got to know himself as an eternal and non-created spirit. After becoming aware of this body, all one needs to do is to get acquainted with the cosmic reality.

Not many individuals throughout the entire period of civilization on the Earth have gotten acquainted with themselves as the cosmic reality, not detached from everything that is alive and inanimate, that is visible and hidden. When this kind of human being is asked what he was, he does not say “I am”, but says “is”, bearing in mind that everything, that there is, is he. A conscious individual is born and dies in this body consciously, he himself chooses the place and time of birth.

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